The Red Rose Awards provide the best possible platform to promote success with the aim of encouraging trade within Lancashire. The awards are about the businesses that keep the county alive – the heroes of the Lancashire economy.

Now in their eleventh year, we are proud to enjoy a longstanding association with the Red Rose Awards.

Following the tenth, and biggest ceremony to date, we met with the RRA team and decided that now was the time to rebrand the awards to reflect the amazing journey they had taken over the past decade.

A new brand equals a reinvention; an evolution of the initial product that shows a company is willing to stay fresh and remain relevant to a contemporary clientele. Therefore, evolving the iconic image of the red rose enabled us to adopt a more stylised interpretation of a longstanding symbol.

We wanted Lancashire businesses to make their mark and aim to be the best in their field, and so we designed the new brand to feature both the red rose of Lancashire and a target icon. It’s a badge of honour for finalists, winners and supporters of the awards.

Making a mark

Along with the new branding, we have created the usual marketing material that the awards require to launch and attract entries. It’s a comprehensive list of online graphics, advertisements and printed material, but we have also created some bespoke animations to bring life to the new brand, and help convey the key messages of the awards.

Our history with the Red Rose Awards

We’ve been working with the Red Rose Awards since 2012 when were first brought in to create the awards website. From that point on, we have enjoyed working with the RRA team to develop everything they need to progress year-upon-year, and to put on bigger and better events. From the themed branding to the actual ceremony, each year has provided us with the opportunity to push the boundaries of what the awards can bring to the Lancashire business community.

The items we create include: promotional flyers, press advertisements, social media graphics and online adverts, table settings and place names, table plans, signage and directional banners, photography backdrops, presentation graphics, ceremony brochure, winners and finalists logo assets and the award certificates.